Alliance Pharma

Alliance Pharma is a mobile application that allows a pharmacy to contact one or more other pharmacies in one click to search and find a health product for a patient in need. It is an innovation that facilitates drug searches between pharmacies. The application is available on android.

Laafi Concepts

The technology company Laafi Concepts SAS focuses on the development, manufacturing, and supply of digital solutions for various sectors, with a particular emphasis on monitoring equipment for pharmaceutical products and other temperature-sensitive items.


MobiKlinik (Holdings Ltd) is a startup that develops digital tools to provide basic healthcare training, healthcare delivery, and access to affordable healthcare services in Africa. With a focus on primary healthcare, the company aims to revolutionize healthcare access in the region while strengthening local healthcare systems. Additionally, Mobiklinic also aims to improve sexual and reproductive health by providing specialized services and knowledge.

Ekose Rx

Ekose Rx is an online pharmacy dedicated to French-speaking Africa. It provides patients and healthcare providers with access to quality drugs at affordable prices. Patients can purchase safe medications through the app, while healthcare professionals can acquire quality medications from wholesalers.


ELLES is a mobile application designed to meet the specific health needs of young African girls and women. It provides reliable information and services on sexual and reproductive health while ensuring user confidentiality. The application also offers a menstrual cycle tracking function, breast cancer prevention, and advice on sexual and reproductive health.


Zinacare is a South African company that provides home healthcare services. From laboratory tests to virtual consultations, Zinacare allows patients to access essential healthcare services that are convenient, affordable, and reliable. The services provided are 100% accurate, discreet, and non-invasive.


LukaPharma is a mobile application that facilitates access to quality medicines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Users can check the prices and availability of their medications in nearby pharmacies in less than 3 minutes. In addition to facilitating the search for medicines, LukaPharma also allows online payments and home delivery.


OPISMS is an online platform that tracks vaccination records and provides reminders for upcoming vaccinations to reduce preventable health incidents and protect women and children’s health.


MaiSoin connects patients to a network of qualified health professionals who provide online consults or home-based care with ease.


PharMap is a digital solution that helps people find pharmacies near them and the product they are looking for without wasting time.