The Next Health Accelerator

The Next Health Accelerator is a revolutionary health innovation accelerator by Intrepid Entrepreneurs for African Entrepreneurs. It endeavors to disrupt healthcare in Africa. NHA selects the best innovators, helps them refine their value proposition and products, provides seed funding and connects them with leading corporations or organizations for value chain access.


Acceleration program



Up to USD 20,000

Seed funding


Startups per cohort


Each startup will receive up to USD 20,000 of seed investment in return for equity (SAFE) during the acceleration phase to facilitate validation of new or improved products and services.


Startups have access to a network of mentors, coaches, experts in their respective fields. Mentors are recruited from an international and national group of entrepreneurs, health experts, investors and organizations’ executives.

Strategic support

Startups will receive support in technology, marketing, and design, as well as entrepreneurship, enabling them to overcome the greatest challenges they face. Our marketers, developers, UI, and UX designers assist in perfecting not only the product but also the branding.

Access to Networks

We have created a strong network of value chain partners willing to adopt and integrate products offered by accelerated startups. Offering this access as non-monetary investment is a key component of our program.

Who we fund

We are looking to support health tech startups with an MVP (minimum viable product) and a desire to scale generally and increase access to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) while doing so. The startups will be selected on the basis of the strength of the team, the dedication, and passion of the founders, the potential market size, and the unique value proposition of their product or service.

Selection Process
Selection Process


Training, workshops, and seminars on various themes depending on cohorts are organized regularly during the six (6) months of the program.

Next Health Accelerator represents the future of health advancements for women by women. We seek to gather the existing ingenuity in Africa and catalyze it in the mainstream of development solutions for societies that are unequally challenged by lack of access to quality sexual and reproductive health care.

Co-founder Intrepid Entrepreneurs

I have seen over the past 10 years, entrepreneurs fail due to their inability to penetrate the networks or the industries they aim to disrupt. With the NHA, we aim to offer access to the value chain opportunities that will allow entrepreneurs to validate their solutions and quickly scale in multiple markets with the help of our partners.

Co-founder Intrepid Entrepreneurs


Many perks are available to accelerated startups. They include free or discounted tools such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Stripe Atlas, Happierco, Notion, and many more that are added on a regular basis.