The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition is a global partnership of public, private, and non-governmental organizations dedicated to ensuring that all people in low- and middle-income countries can access and use affordable, high-quality supplies to ensure their better reproductive health.


International Planned Parenthood Federation is a leading non-profit advocate for universal access to contraceptives, gender equality and safe abortion. The organization delivers sexual and reproductive health services that let people make their own choices.

Ouagadougou Partnership

Founded in 2011, the Ouagadougou Partnership is one of the most successful partnerships between the governments, civil society and donors to accelerate the availability and use of family planning services in the nine Francophone West African countries.



EtriLabs is an innovation ecosystem that nurtures young entrepreneurs and promotes excellence in Africa through the use of digital technology for development. It has expertise in ecosystem building, corporate innovation, and enterprise acceleration.

DKT International

DKT International is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 to focus the power of social marketing on some of the largest countries with the greatest needs for family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention and safe abortion. DKT works mostly in the private sector, but also support the public sector to reach the total market.